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Q. If I receive counseling, does that mean I’m crazy?

A.  Absolutely not! Due the stigma of counseling in this society, many people continue to experience the same problems that affects their relationships, job, school, and their wellbeing. A therapist can provide professional and unbias feedback to help with your concerns that friends and family are unable to provide. Eating fruits/veggies and exercising is good for physical health but counseling is good for the mental wellbeing!

Q. I have some friends and family who support me. Isn’t that enough?

A. That depends on your situation. Some people are able to cope with help from family, friends, place of worship, spouse, etc. However, some people may have problems that their support network may not be able to help such as grief, relationship issues, trauma, etc. Some people may feel their family and friends may not be able to understand them while some are too uncomfortable in talking about sensitive topics with them. In counseling, the sessions are judge-free zone.

Q. So far it sounds like a good service but I don’t want people to know I have a therapist?

A. You maybe surprise how many people receive counseling these days. There are TV shows that centered towards counseling such as VH1 “Couples Therapy”, or TLC “My 600 Pound Life”. However, no one would know you are receiving counseling unless you tell them. Everything that is discuss in counseling is kept confidential unless you plan to harm yourself or someone else.

Q. I have some health issues that is affecting my relationship with my family. How can you help me in that situation?

A. Chronic/Ongoing health issues can be a bummer. Let’s be honest here…if you have rheumatoid arthritis, you may experience a flare up in your joints that can interfere with your plans for the day. During the sessions, we can discuss coping techniques of your condition, show you how to communicate with others about your condition, and help you learn to take charge of your health care services just to name a few. You will build confidence and resilience during this process. Don’t worry, you got this!!

Q. What is EAP and how do I find out if I have that benefit?

A. EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is a benefit that is offer through your employer. The benefit allows employees to meet with a therapist for short term counseling. The great thing about EAP is that employees do not pay co-pays, no deductibles, no additional fees. Employees can call their EAP representative to request a referral for counseling and EAP will authorize anywhere from 3 to 8 counseling sessions. If an employee wishes to continue with counseling after their EAP visits are exhausted, they can use their medical insurance and be responsible for co pays. EAP is a good incentive for employee to practice their self care. Be sure to ask your Human Resource Director which EAP your company use. I am in network with some EAP panels (see my Rates/Insurance page in this site).


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