Do You Value Therapy?

Most of us have jobs that offers health benefits. We are very quick to find a professional provider who “Accepts” the insurance plan that they have. So let me ask you this…..are you getting your time and money’s worth from the therapist you hire????

First of all, it’s important for you to understand how insurance works. There is in network coverage and out of network coverage. In network allows you to pay a copay or a smaller deductible towards it. On the other hand, out of network you would have to pay a higher office fee which will be subtracted to your deductible, which the insurance will reimburse at a certain amount once you reach your deductible. I tell client’s that I’m a out of network provider with United Health Insurance. There is no such thing as a provider accept or not accept insurance because out of network coverage is still part of your insurance.

Now, suppose you insist that you want to find a therapist who is in network with your insurance. Were you able to find one who can help you? Is that therapist specialized or trained to help address concerns that you have in your life? Is he/she located within the area of your preference? Were you able to find a therapist in network who is taking new clients and have flexible office hours? If you answer no to some or all these questions, then what is your next step? Yeah yeah, there are clinics, asking for possible sliding scale, etc but are you getting quality therapy service with that? Out of network coverage  allows the individuals to choose who ever they want including the therapists who came recommended.

At the end of the day, you have the ability to budget your money to make this work for you. Prioritizing your needs versus wants is another eye opener when it comes to using therapy. Hell yeah I said the P word, Prioritizing! Buying expensive makeup at Macy’s or dining out at restaurants with wine give you instant pleasure, but does that address the inner issues that you been struggling for months/years? Things can make you go hmmmm.

Woman lying on therapists couch looking happy as therapist is wr