Men Need Support Too!

I’m sure that most of you were aware of Anthony Bourdain recent suicide. It’s unclear what were the factors that led to his suicide however the issue with mental health is common for men. For years, there were headline stories about male employees shooting at their jobs, inflicting violence towards their family or partner, or experience a break down to a point they take their own lives.

So I have two questions for the men out there….What are your issues? and How are you handling it your issues? I’m saying this because there are a lot of men who have different concerns in their personal but it’s not being address. But why aren’t these issues address? The biggest problem in this is that many men (especially men of color) don’t believe counseling will help or needed. It’s often look at that this is something for women to use.

What if I told you in my private practice, I had seen a few men. The kind of counseling they need is not the same as women seeking counseling and that is OK! The needs for men are different for women. I actually had male clients who participated in couples counseling too.

I’m sure some of the guys who is reading this article (glad that I still kept your interest) are thinking, “yeah sure Wendy, what the hell is counseling is going to do for me”. Counseling can give you direct and clear feedback in the changes you want to make in your life. Perhaps you have issues with failed relationships, or maybe you have issues from your childhood that affecting your life as a grown man, or you may have issues with your job that is affecting your health and family.

At the end of the day, your problems will not go away on its own. Speaking to a counselor is a good way to receive feedback from an unbiased source. You can include counseling as part of your self care regimen the same way you include your trips to the gym, the barber, the message therapist, etc. Fellas need support too!

Young Man Talking With Psychologist About His Problems