To Quit Or Not To Quit

Hey yall! We are in the second half of the summer season. I hope you were able to take your vacations before heading back to the 9 to 5 scene aka JOB! Speaking of job, have you evaluate your position with your job? Are you happy at your job? Are you miserable? Are there issues with your job that has not been resolved? Have you thought about leaving your job and work some where else? Hmmm something to think about…….

Job dissatisfaction can happen to everyone and every work place. It doesn’t matter if you work for a large corporate company or a small mom & pop business. Understand the issues that is making you miserable at your job (i.e. low salary, hostile work environment, burn out, no room for advancement, long commute, level of difficulty, work overload, etc). It’s important to recognize how your job affects your mood, physical health, interaction with family/friends, job performance.

There is nothing wrong with leaving a job that does not benefit you. The biggest question is…Are You Ready To Move On? If you have a fear of starting over or the thought that you are stuck at your job, then you may benefit from a therapist who can help with that belief that you carry on your shoulder. In the mean time try some of these tips before leaving the chicken coop.

  1. Consult with your boss, manager, HR regarding your concerns and look for resolution.
  2. If your issue is legal such as sexual harassment, not receiving paycheck, discrimination, consult with a labor attorney.
  3. Inquire with the company regarding job openings or transfers that are available if money, physical difficulty or commuting is an issue.
  4.  Check to see if company offers tuition or education benefits which can help you with further education and make you more profitable.

If any of these tips do not work for you then this is the time to update your resume, network, and search for a new job. Just make sure you have everything plan and all your ducks in the row before making the transition from one job to another. Don’t forget you spend at least 8 hrs of the day at your job……you deserve to be content.

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