Moving Pass A Bad Experience!

Hello everyone, sorry for a long hiatus with so many changes going on in my life. I’m back with another blog article that you may find interesting and helpful!

Back in October 2016, I wrote an article about trauma and how it can negatively affect people in their daily lives. Many people had asked me how trauma aka bad memories are address in a counseling session. Therapists use different interventions such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy which results vary from client to client. In my practice I use Eye Movement Desensitizing Reprocessing (EMDR) which helps as well.

EMDR is a powerful tool that helps client’s process the bad experience so they can experience less triggers from that memory later. These triggers can leave a person feeling angry, anxious, sad which can affect their relationships or work performance. Examples of bad experiences are rape, loss of a loved one, work place harassment, history of child abuse, domestic violence, natural disasters, work place violence, abandonment, etc. People who experience bad events, often have negative beliefs about themselves and would use certain statements like “I’m powerless”, “It’s my fault”, “I’m worthless” which leaves a bad mark on their self esteem. The EMDR helps address those negative thoughts so that bad mark is temporary!

The benefits of EMDR is that it can help you on the road to positive thinking, and it can reduce your office visits because you start to feel better and empowered. EMDR allows you to leave your bad memory to the past and you continue to move into the future. Therapists will give you tools for you to use at home when you feel stress. During the office visit, your therapist will help guide you in making sure you process your thoughts and express your feelings. The only catch is that your therapist MUST be trained and have the certificate of completion in order to use EMDR.

I am a trained EMDR therapist in my Merrick office. Clients pay for my service with their health insurance that I’m I network in as well as out of network insurances. The only thing you need to bring to the session are two things……….. 1. Yourself  and 2. Your Readiness and Motivation To Change. Please contact me for questions about this topic.