Unsure About Counseling???

I will set the scene for you…… You have been struggling on the same issue(s) for months, maybe years? Your personal issues has affected your relationships with friends, partner, or family. Your job performance has decline as well. You notice the stress has taking a toll on your health (increase headaches, increase blood pressure, losing hair, stomach ulcers, etc). Your attitude has change from content (or happy) to miserable or bitter. A few people in your life (best friend, mom, boss, etc) had kindly suggested to you to speak to a therapist about your personal issues. Did you speak to the therapist yet? Why not?

What is wrong with seeing a therapist? What is your concern about seeing a therapist? In order to sought out your issues, you need to understand the purpose of having a therapist:

  1. Therapists can help you build insight to understand your situation.
  2. Therapists can help guide you in making decisions to resolve your problem.
  3. Therapists are trained to handle complex, sensitive issues that your friends/family are unable to do such as trauma.
  4. Therapists can provide unbiased feedback sense they do not know you.
Many people believe that seeing a therapist means that they are “crazy”. Therapy is nothing about being crazy. Your life will be very chaotic and will continue to go into a downward spiral if you do not handle your issues. There are people who have a fear of being told the truth from their therapist especially if it’s an issue that the person has control of. While it may feel uncomfortable to hear the truth from a therapist, it’s also the first step to build insight of the situation. After that, your experience will go easier and your issue will be a thing from a past!
stressed woman