Self Worth…Do You Have It?

Ok, so you are at that moment when took a few minutes to think about the things that happened in your past and you can’t help but wonder why you have the same unpleasant patterns. What I mean by patterns is that the same thing is occurring in your life multiple times. These patterns can be intimate relationships, friendships, issues at work, health, etc. 

Let’s look at relationships for an example. Do you tend to date the same type of man/woman who give you the same shit to a point where the relationship had to end? This is very common for people who were victims of domestic violence. Or perhaps you are that friend who allow your friends to walk all over you, aka take advantage of you constantly. Are you tired of these negative patterns? Are you ready to make that change to break that cycle?

First thing to do is understand how and why these patterns occur. Next is to understanding why you allow these patterns occur. For example, If you ex partner was controlling, cheater, does not have ambition, then why are you currently dating a new person with the same traits as the previous partner? There are many reasons why these patterns continue. 

Once you understand the root of your issue, now it’s time to work on your Self Worth. How much do you love yourself, and respect yourself to protect you from potential harm coming at you.  If your co worker tries to get one over you at your job, are you going to point that out to that person? If you meet a potential date and you noticed that he/she is still married and living with the spouse, are you going to move on and say NEXT? Realizing how much you are worth will prevent you from falling the same negative patterns. The first person to love and value you is You!

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