Vacation From Your Job!

Hey yall! I hope everyone is having a good summer. We have about one more month of summer before Labor Day hit and then it’s back to work, school, and watching the leaves turn to different colors for the autumn season. So I have a question for you……..How is your summer time so far?? Wait a minute, you haven’t taken a vacation yet? You do have vacation days from your job right? So why haven’t you taking your time off to relax, shit you earned it!!

I heard so many excuses as to why people don’t take vacations. Here are some common reasons why people don’t take vacations:

1. Lack of money
2. Not enough time to take vacation
3. Nothing to do at home
4. I have too much work to do at my job
5. If I return to work, I have too much work to catch up

I’m sure some of these excuses ring a bell to you. Here is my response to the excuses……I’m Not Buying That!!!!

We all need a break in our everyday routine. The work we do at our job is challenging, and stressful. The vacation hours you collect at work was made for a reason. Taking time off from work has its benefits which I listed below:

1. Improve productivity at work
2. Enhance relationships with spouse, family, friends.
3. Improves concentration
4. Reduce stress
5. Improves physical health

Eliminating the excuses that I mentioned will make it easier for you to practice this self care tactic. Vacations do not require money or taking expensive trips. Vacations can be spent at home (aka Staycation) which activities can include brunch with friends, going to local beach, going to the movies, visiting relatives, getting a message, catching up on your TV shows, attend a free concert at the park, or just SLEEP! 

Don’t worry about your work load. Your projects and your job will be there when you get back. Keep reminding yourself that you are doing the best you can at your job and speak to your boss about your work load before you take your vacation. You have  time to send your car to the mechanic, food shopping, getting your annual physical, etc therefore, you have the time for self care by scheduling time off from your job.

In the summer time, my clients would reschedule or cancel some sessions as they have plans during the summer with friends and family. Students and teachers are off every year at summer time. Companies would close their doors on national (and religious) holidays for their staff.  I took a vacation last month and it was refreshing! This is your time to do the same, your body and mind will thank you.

Young family make a stop on a road trip in their camper van