When Boss Lady Is The Bully!

As the years go by, more and more women are entering the work force. With more women entering the work force, there is an increase in women who are in management/supervisory positions. Of course many people have their personal opinions about women in charge, or women running a company. Women supervisors can contribute positive things in a company just like male supervisors. But there is a portion of female supervisors who have negative traits that can affect the work place environment for others. Yes, I am talking about bullies!

Let me say, that I had experience female bullies at work. These women are no different than the men who bully their employees. I think for many people the shock value is high on female bullies because the society does not expect women to display that behavior. This is the society where women are viewed as nurturers, caring, understanding, and expressive with their feelings. So why do women bully female staff? What can staff do to handle this situation? First, understand the bullying is a power struggle for the supervisor. The low self esteem, narcissism, and emotional baggage from the past are some of the factors that allow female supervisors to bully their staff. This problem is very common for women of color whose supervisor is of color too. The effects of the bullying for the employee is the similar to an employee who is being sexually harassed. Female employees often experience increase in stress, anxiety, decrease productivity, calling out sick, increase headaches, stomach issues, sleep disturbance, irritability towards co workers, friends, and family. Oh yeah, the list goes on!

When I worked at a social service agency 8 yrs ago, I had to deal with a female boss (a social worker) who was extremely nasty and made my job 10 times harder. You bet your ass I reported her. Just like you, I deserve the respect at work and I refuse to allow anyone to take their power struggles on me. Needless to say, my situation was handled appropriately afterwards. However, some employees who work in other companies may not be so lucky. Don’t forget my brief story is just an example. Many women experience this issue in health care field, corporate, hospitality industry, government, manufacturing, retail, or education field. This is one of the biggest concerns that my clients discuss with me during sessions. This situation is a traumatic experience which can be handle mentally, physically, and at times legally. Please review my January 2017 blog on work place harassment which I explained in detail how to handle the situation. Women have the responsibilities of caring for family, managing a household, and maintaining self care. Why spend 8-10 hours a day working and dealing with the bullshit the boss lady is giving you? Screw that, contact your therapist and learn how to manage this situation and get empowered right now!