Are You Your Worst Enemy?

Hello again! We are coming to an end of 2016! Time goes so fast. While some of your friends are making plans for the New Years Eve bash, you start to reflect on everything that happen to you since January 1st 2016. How did the year treated you? Or better yet, how did you treated yourself during the year 2016?????????

One of your friends just got engaged and you’re invited to the wedding. You smile and congratulate your friend and the fiancee but deep down you are so pissed that you haven’t met the man/woman that you consider soul mate.

Your co worker got a job promotion and purchased a new car. You gave a fake smile and shook hands to congratulate but again, you kept wondering why you didn’t get the promotion or buy a new car. And then your attitude changes and you start to feel a certain way towards other people, yourself, and life in general. What’s up with that?

Take a look at yourself for a moment. Do people tell you that you complain about the same thing over and over again and being the “Negative Nancy”? Do you tell people what your goals are but never make an attempt to get started? Do you find yourself getting so bitter that you take it out on friends and family? You will be surprise how many people walk around with the mentality “My Life Is Fucked Up And The World Owes Me”. No sorry, the world has nothing to do with how your life turned out. For many people it’s easier to complain, and hate on others than to take action.

Start planning for a change. If you want to settle down and meet a soul mate, then work  on your personal issues about dating and spend more time in the community to meet people. If you want a better paying job, research on job training program, go to school, or evaluate your work performance. Sometimes there are personal issues that we have that may prevent ourselves from getting what we want in life (i.e anger issues, self esteem, trauma, physical ailments, ongoing sadness, etc). Counseling can help with these issues and allow you to take responsibility with your life.

Ok, so what are you waiting for, 2017 is around the corner. Get it cracking now!