Self Care During A Crisis.

Do you remember the time when you had a crisis in your life? A crisis can be anything from a death in the family, loss of home, lay off from employment, close friend in the hospital, etc. Now that you have an idea of a crisis, think back to how you dealt with the situation. What were some of the techniques that you did to take care of yourself during that stressful time?

Recently, my oldest brother was admitted to the hospital due to severe urinary tract infection. While he was in the hospital, doctors noticed some internal bleeding in his intestines and wanted to do further testing that might pose a risk in his health. One thing that I have to add is that my brother has mental retardation and is not able to speak nor make decisions for himself. Yes, I am the legal guardian for my brother and I have to make decisions on his behalf. The decision maker role can be stressful and scary. Often times I second guess myself when I make a decision for my brother. Luckily, with the support from my colleagues, my cousin, group home staff, and friends, I was able to make decisions for my brother and he receive the proper medical care.

Now back to you….How are you handling your current crisis? Some people use bad coping methods such as:
Excessive alcohol use
Drug use
Over eating crappy foods
Staying up all night
Isolate from others
Sleep all day.

These methods can add more harm to you and your situation than you think. When my brother was in the hospital, I didn’t want to screw up my exercise routine that I had  planned months ago. I continued to do as much as I could in my schedule even if meant squeezing 20 minutes of exercise insead of my usual 90 minutes.

This is the time to turn to trusted people who can give you emotional support as well. Examples of these folks are your therapist, close friend, church member, your pastor, members from your support group, an experienced co worker, etc. I know you are thinking “Yeah, Yeah Wendy, easier said than done….”. You will notice a positive difference if you try. Just do it!

Since I work with doctors and nurses, I was able to get their feedback on medical testing/procedures which allowed me to make the best decision on my brother’s medical care. I always think back to what the outcome of my situation would be if I didn’t speak to anyone. Hmmmm.