Is Group Counseling For You?

When you think of group counseling, you imagine the typical Alcohol Anonymous group that you see in movies or tv shows. Group therapy are designed in different ways to accommodate people who are facing the same issue. These services can help various topics such as addiction, eating disorder, social anxiety, domestic violence, anger management, etc. Group therapy can be closed to certain amount of members or it can be ongoing where anyone can attend and leave the group anytime. The cost of groups can range from free to a $30 depending on type of group. Some insurances might cover group therapy but it’s important to verify your insurance coverage first.

Group therapy is very common but many people don’t realize the benefits of receiving group therapy.  Group therapy can be use in combination with individual therapy or alone. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. It’s cheaper than paying for individual counseling.
  2. You can learn coping skills from other members.
  3. You will receive support and feedback from members who experience the same issues as you.
  4. The date and time of group therapy rarely changes which makes it easy to fit it in your schedule.
  5. This will reduce isolation as you have a reason to leave your home and be around with others.

Group therapy takes place in different settings such as hospitals, churches, libraries, clinics, community centers, schools, etc. Therapist, social workers, case managers, clergy can refer you to local support groups in the community.