Just Let It Go!

You had just receive bad news. Your close relative was diagnose with a serious medical condition, or your boyfriend/girlfriend wants to end the relationship, or you were laid off from your job. These examples are a low blow in your life. But what is there to do with these situations? Sure you can beg and plea to your significant other into staying with you or tell your relative to try every medical treatment that is out there. But what if you don’t receive the results that you are looking for, then what? When we receive bad news, it’s very painful and difficulty to accept. This is part of the transitions we all go through. It’s important to ask yourself what are the benefits to hold on a bad relationship, or making sure your love one does not die from the disease, etc. This is the time to accept the situation that just happen and to let it go. When you let go of the situation, it will help you focus, cope, and move on to the next chapter. Counseling can help individuals jump over these hurdles and build resiliency.

let shit go