When Your Friends Are Killing You

Ok, for the past several months, you’ve been experiencing ongoing headaches, high blood pressure, tension, or anxiety when you are around your friends. What if I told you that your friends is the reason why you are experiencing mental and physical issues. Having good and supportive friendships brings joy and good health in your direction. Think of all the times you hung out with your friend “Debbie Downer” and you feel like crap after your encounter because that person sucked the life out of you. Here are some examples of toxic friends:

  1. Those who betrayed your trust.
  2. Constant mood swings to a point where you have to walk on egg shells around them.
  3.  Those who bring drama everywhere the two of you go.
  4. Individuals who constantly complain but do not take action nor responsibility to fix their problem.
  5. They are not there for you emotionally, leaving you in the dark and alone.

Every now and then, we have to do some spring cleaning of the people who we once viewed as friends. This is similar to spring cleaning your home where you have to get rid of household items that are no longer a use for you. If you are going through a life transition and need to make changes, start by looking at the people who are in your social circle. Your mind and body will thank you.

toxic friends